Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wk4 Reading: Art of Possibility Chapters 9-12

Photo by Jana Claybrook
After reading the last chapters of the Art of Possibility, I had three take away points.

“Certain things in life are better done in person”
If it’s worth fighting for it’s worth doing it in person. I must remember to take the little extra time and go the extra mile for anything that I’m passionate about. I believe real passion is contagious and hard not to catch if presented in person.

“Enrollment is the art and practice of generating a spark of possibility for others to share
I believe when we engage our students in using technology to solve real-world problems, we ignite their spark and unleash their passion for learning.  Learning when it is paired with personal, relevant and meaningful connections to the student becomes truly authentic.

“The practice of being the board is about making a difference.”
Define yourself as being the board not as a game piece will give you the power to transform any situation. It turns your attention to what you want to see happen and leaves off the win or lose. Seeing the big picture not just your part in the picture.
As educators we plan lessons (the board) so our students can become the game piece and strategically manipulate those pieces based on their background knowledge. We are a facilitator as our students encounter each situation after a move and cheerleader to keep them enthusiastic about their decisions.

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  1. Jana,
    Great take away points from the last chapters. The more I keep seeing and reading your second take away, the more I am inspired to purchase the book. I am thinking of buying multiple copies to share with others. Hopefully I can enroll others and generate a spark of possibility for them to share. Thanks for sharing!